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Detecting dark matter in the lab with Xenon

View on Gran Sasso Mountain (courtesy: LNGS)
In the beginning of November 2014, The Oskar Klein Centre officially joined the XENON dark matter project. The idea is to detect dark matter particles scattering of heavy nuclei. Since one of the strongest limitation of dark matter detection is due to cosmic ray induced background, it is important to shield the detectors. For this reason XENON is situated in the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, on the side of a ten kilometer long freeway tunnel crossing the Gran Sasso mountain, about 120 km from Rome. Thus, there is about 1500 meters of rock protecting the laboratory from cosmic ray backgrounds.
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Wallenberg Academy Fellows to Matthew Hayes

The list of the young outstanding scientists who receive this year Wallenberg Academy Fellow grant was released today. One of them is Oskar Klein Centre member Matthew Hayes. We gratulate him and ask him how it feels
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