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Working Groups

The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics, OKC is one of the most prominent research centres in Stockholm.

The OKC research activities are conducted within the main areas of interest: Dark Matter Searches, Dark Energy Problem, and Formation of Structures in the Universe. We make a strong effort in trying to break boundaries between units and reasearch groups since we believe sinergies from different esearch areas to be a strenght in our scientific success.

OKC presently comprises more than 140 scientists from the Departments of Physics and Astronomy of Stockholm University (SU) and The Department of Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), to compare with some 70 scientists in 2008/9.

The work was initially organized in five Working Groups whose structure is left flexible both in terms of members, which could be part of several working groups, and in terms of focus.During the years new Working Groups have been formed, and new focus was found. This allowed in the course of the first 5years of life of the centre to be re-arranged according to new scientific interests, and to increase collaborations among scientists belonging to different areas.

The current structure involve four Working Groups:

CG WG: Cosmology & Gravity

Chairs: Garrelt Mellema(garrelt@astro.su.se), Edvard Mörtsell (edvard@fysik.su.se)
Postdocs: Jon Gudmundsson (jon.gudmundsson@fysik.su.se) Martina Gerbino (martina.gerbino@fysik.su.se)
Mailing list: Sign-up here

DM WG: Dark Matter searches at CERN and in the sky

Chairs: Chad Finley (chad@fysik.su.se)
Postdocs: Alfredo Davide Ferella (alfredo.ferella@fysik.su.se), Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde (sanchezconde@fysik.su.se)
Mailing list: Sign-up here

EO WG: Extreme Objects

Chairs: Jesper Sollerman (jesper@astro.su.se)
Postdocs: Francesco Taddia (ftadd@astro.su.se)
Mailing list: Sign-up here

FT WG: Theory

Chairs: Bo Sundborg (bo@fysik.su.se)
Postdocs: Nico Wintergerst (nico.wintergerst@fysik.su.se)
Mailing list: Sign-up here

The working groups meet regularly. You can subscribe to their mailing list and to this calendar to be always updated about meetings.