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Fysik i Kungsan
7 September 2013
Kungsträdgården - Stockholm

Every second year the Departement of Physics at Stockholm University organizes an event in Kungsträdgården, in the centr eof the city of Stockholm.

Official webpage (in Swedish): http://www.fysik.su.se/skolor_allmanhet/fysikikungsan/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/223752781133945/?ref=22

The Oskar Klein Centre will be present with its own tent, talking about the universe and its content, compact objects, satellite missions, and amazing experiments. You can also try drinking the Cocktail of the Universe and try to guess its content, as well as listen to interesting short talks about all the exhiting things we research every day.

The Oskar Klein Centre for Cosmoparticle Physics at Stockholm University is the largest research center for cosmology and astroparticle physics in Sweden, and one of the largest in Europe. About 100 researchers work in leading international groups on cosmology and particle physics. They are involved, among other things, in large experiments such as the ATLAS detector at CERN, the Fermi satellite, and supernova cosmology projects that explores the expansion of the Universe.

Oskar Klein Centre: http://okc.albanova.se


Responsibles for the Oskar Klein Centre tent:
Elena Moretti, Oskar Klein Fellow, moretti@particle.kth.se
Josefin Larsson, Researcher, jlarsson@particle.kth.se


PROGRAM of the TALKS on Lilla Scene (in Swedish)

11.00 - Higgs partikeln (Sara Strandberg, Fysikum-Stockholms universitet)
12.30 - Fysikshow (Carl-Olof Fägerlind, Hersby gymnasium och Max Kesselberg, Utbildningsdepartementet)
14.00 - Higgs partikeln (Sara Strandberg, Fysikum)
15.00 - Tankeexperiment (Sören Holst, Fysikum)



Serena Nobili, communication manager for the Oskar Klein Centre, serena@fysik.su.se