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Outreach activities

Science outreach improves science literacy in the society, helping building a scientifically literate community. The Oskar Klein Centre is making an effort in this direction throug this website, the presence in various social network, presence on traditional media, and not least a number of events organized also in collaborations with other institutes or organizzations.
We hope to get more people interestes in our field of research and to inspire new young people in undertaking a scientific career.



Fysik i kungsträdgården 2013 7 -28 September - The Oskar Klein Centre organizes a contest. The Cosmic Cocktail contains 3 secret ingredients in the same proportion as the ingredients of the universe. Can you guess them?

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Fysik i kungsträdgården 2013 September 7th, 2013. The Oskar Klein Centre prtecipated to the event Fysik i Kungsträdgården with many interesting activities and short talks.

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Structure Formation by Gabriele Garavini Inner & outer space: our universe is expanding
23 mars - 14 april 2013
The exhibition is organized by the Oskar Klein Centre in collaboration with the Edsvik Gallery in Sollentuna.

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The PR- group consists of:

Joakim Edsjö, edsjo@fysik.su.se, Physics Department, SU

Jesper Sollerman, jesper@astro.su.se, Astronomy Department, SU

Serena Nobili, serena@fysik.su.se Communication manager, Physics Department, SU

Please contact us in case of questions or proposals.