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Latest news relating to the Oskar Klein Centre.

    Nordic careers in astrophysics workshop

    The second Nordic careers in astrophysics workshop is organised by the Nordic Network for Early Career Researchers in Astrophysics

    Have you ever thought about how the skills you've developed as a scientist prepare you for many different types of careers? This inspiring lunch-to-lunch workshop will focus on non-academic career options, specifically for physicists and astronomers. There will be a mixture of talks, panel discussions, and group work to help you identify and communicate your personal skillset and understand the types of jobs in industry, governmental, and other organizations which best match your priorities. And, of course, time for socializing with your fellow postdocs in the Nordics!
    The workshop will take place on September 17-18 at AlbaNova in Stockholm (approximately lunch to early afternoon).
    "Career planning and opportunities” by Ann Lundstrom from naturvetarna.se
    "Skills, strengths and weaknesses” by Stefania Giodini, PhD in astrophysics, Scientist Innovator at TNO.nl What are your skills? On the transition to industry, identifying your skills, strengths and weaknesses, and how/where to address them in the CV and application and/or interview
    "Career panel” by various ex-astrophysicists A diverse showcase of career paths for PhDs, and discussion on how to transit from academia to the “real world"
    "Networking and building your profile” by Barry O’Brien from phdcareerlink.se How do you use social media like LinkedIN, facebook, Twitter etc. to increase your chances? How do you get in contact with the right people?
    "Planning your career – The big picture” by Anja Andersen from Dark Cosmology Centre What are your career drivers? Where do you want to be in 5-10 years? Why? How to get there?

    Thanks to our sponsors the workshop is free (including lunches, coffee breaks and dinner Thursday night), but you will have to organise your own travel and accommodation. More info and registration can be found on https://nordicnetecrastro.wordpress.com/events/workshop-2015/). The deadline is September 1, but we recommend you to sign up as early as possible as the previous workshop was very popular.
    In preparation for the workshop we recommend that you take a look at the career destination finder on the website.
  • The Amsterdam-Paris-Stockholm network on Dark Matter

    The Amsterdam-Paris-Stockholm network on Dark Matter will have its next meeting in September 21-23. We will meet in the very nice Djurönäset conference centre to discuss our respective progress in the search of Dark Matter but also to get our groups closer and keep collaborating. Registration is open : http://indico.cern.ch/event/377033/