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The organization of the OKC



The OKC organization is very flexible.

A weekly newsletter is sent out to all OKC members each Friday with a summary of recent events, highlighted events for the coming week, news from the OKC blog, and general information about OKC organization.

The OKC activities are aimed at increasing interaction among OKC members and create a hummus for improving collaborations between different areas of research.

OKC-colloquium takes place every Tuesday at 13:15 (with a few exceptions). The presentations are aimed at the general OKC audience.

COFFEE MEETING: A coffee break is organized every week after each OKC-colloquium and it gives opportunities for informal discussions.

KLEIN BOTTLE: it is the monthly science pub organized in turns by each of the working groups. The format includes a talk on a topic decided by the hosting group but external to their own field of expertise. One expert chosen among OKC members external to the hosting group will be the speaker. The talk is followed by food, drinks and social activities in form of games.

OKC-day: it is a plenary one-day meeting for all OKC members and takes place twice per year. It works as a forum during which general issues concerning the organization and/or projects of the centre are discussed. Also a number of team building activities are organized during the meeting.

ASTROFIKA: it is a journal club for junion OKC members only.

OKC running club : Once a week some OKC members meet for running around the lake Brunnsviken.